How Sip & Stroll Works

On the first Friday of each month between 5-9pm, adults aged 21+ can purchase a beer, wine or cocktail at a participating restaurant and enjoy it while strolling within the marked boundaries Downtown.

QUICK NOTE‚Äč – We are the first in our region to attempt an event using this specific ABC license. We are taking great steps to ensure that this event goes as smoothly as possible so it can continue long term, but we need your help to make sure that happens. Please drink responsibly and take careful note of the alcohol boundaries while you enjoy your time downtown.  

Here’s how it works:

Amanda Strawn, First Friday Project Lead, explains Sip & Stroll
  • Sip & Stroll beverages will be served in clearly marked cups showing where the cup was purchased. Customers will be given a wristband when they purchase their first Sip & Stroll beverage. Per their ABC licenses, each restaurant is still responsible for carding their own customers even if they already have a First Friday wristband.  
  • Each participating restaurant will give customers their own cup with their own business logo. Beverages from one restaurant cannot be brought into a different restaurant and will need to be discarded upon entering. Beverages can be brought into different retailers within the Sip & Stroll boundaries if that shop allows it. 
  • The event will run from 5-9pm with last call at 8:30. Sip & Stroll beverages and wristbands will only be given out during this time frame. All drinks on the street must be discarded by 9pm. 
  • Volunteers and Fredericksburg police officers will be present downtown during First Friday activities to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Volunteers will have maps and other information related to the night’s activities that can be provided to visitors.
  • NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED. Only drinks purchased at participating restaurants are allowed on the streets. Drinks MUST remain within the marked boundaries.
  • Weather permitting